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CopernicAI is a platform that explores the next frontier of generative AI – generative AI worlds. Through their research and advancements in deep learning, CopernicAI aims to fully generate 3D worlds using a 2+1D bubble world approach. They offer an alpha release of Gen360, which allows users to transform generated 360° images into 2+1D bubble worlds. CopernicAI also provides an API for automated access to Gen360. Stay tuned for upcoming improvements and the development of full 3D worlds. Sign up to receive updates and join the closed alpha release.

Product Feature

  • Gen360: Text to 360° panoramas
    • Try their alpha release for generating high-quality 360° panoramas from text prompts.
    • Improved image quality compared to their pre-alpha release, with further enhancements to come.
    • Interact with the generated images by clicking and dragging to look around.
    • Choose from different projection styles like Mollweide, Little Planet, and Equirectangular.
    • Download the generated 360° images for commercial and non-commercial use, following the Creative ML OpenRAIL-M license.
  • Free Gen360 API
    • Access the Gen360 API for free, available for a limited time.
    • Integrate with the API using your preferred tools such as terminal, IDE, or Postman.
    • Sign up to receive access instructions and start leveraging the power of Gen360.
  • AI generated 2+1D bubble worlds
    • Transform your generated 360° images into immersive 2+1D bubble worlds using copernic360.
    • Experience CopernicAI’s 2+1D bubble worlds in virtual reality, specifically designed for the Quest headset.
  • Roadmap
    • Efficient Panoramic AI: Published in ICLR 2021, offering computational improvements and state-of-the-art performance for low-resolution tasks.
    • Partially Scalable Panoramic AI: Published in ICLR 2022, providing high-resolution input data but limited to low-resolution output data.
    • Scalable Panoramic AI: Published in ICLR 2023, achieving high-resolution input and output data for dense-prediction tasks.
    • Generative Panoramic AI: Early alpha stage, enabling generative AI panoramas and videos using the building blocks of Scalable Panoramic AI.
    • Generative AI Worlds: Coming soon, aiming to develop generative AI for 2+1D bubble worlds and ultimately full 3D worlds.


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