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Éditeur.ai is an online AI-powered writing assistant that helps you write better content, faster. With Éditeur.ai, you can generate text, translate languages, summarize documents, and more.

Product Feature

  • AI-powered writing assistant:
    • Get help with writing tasks like email composition, article creation, and more.
  • Grammar and spelling checker:
    • Ensure your writing is error-free with our advanced grammar and spelling checker.
  • Plagiarism checker:
    • Avoid plagiarism by checking your writing against a massive database of online content.
  • Translation tool:
    • Translate your writing into over 100 languages with our built-in translation tool.
  • Text summarizer:
    • Get a quick overview of long pieces of text with our text summarizer.
  • Paraphrasing tool:
    • Rephrase your writing to make it more clear or concise.
  • Tone detector:
    • Analyze the tone of your writing to ensure it’s appropriate for your audience.
  • Writing templates:
    • Use our pre-written templates to get started on your writing projects quickly and easily.


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