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Facet is the ultimate image generation tool for creative professionals. With real-time generation on an intuitive canvas, you have full control over the placement of image elements.

Product Feature

  • Control the placement of image elements:
    • Spatially arrange objects or styles within an image by adding region prompts.
  • Advanced prompting made easier than ever:
    • Auto-enhances each image prompt and offers variance control for more variations.
  • Prompt with more than words:
    • Add image references to any prompt and get images that adhere to your subject or style instantly.
  • Custom AI of your exact aesthetic:
    • Train a custom model using your own images and generate assets that match your vision.
  • A collaborative canvas:
    • Riff with teammates, build off each other’s prompts and ideas.
  • Starter, Professional, and Organization plans:
    • Choose the pricing tier that suits your needs, with features like real-time generation, higher resolution, and collaboration options.
  • Commercial plan:
    • Get highest priority dedicated GPUs, advanced controls, enhanced privacy, and more.


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