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Generate impressive AI images using models such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion in a simple run. Mobile app available. Feng My Shui – Midjourney App & Stable Diffusion XL is an AI image generation platform that offers a unique blend of Midjourney images with other AI models to create stunning and gorgeous images. No Midjourney account or Discord app is required, simply create an account on Feng My Shui and access the dashboard to generate images quickly and easily.

Product Feature

  • Mixing AI Models:
    • Blend Midjourney images with other AI models to create stunning and unique results.
  • Simple Account Setup:
    • Create a simple account on Feng My Shui to access the image generation dashboard.
  • Fast and Manual Generation:
    • Images are generated manually by a team of dwarves, ensuring fast and efficient results.
  • Content Restrictions:
    • Adult, nudity, and illegal content are not allowed on the platform.
  • Secret Sauce:
    • Feng My Shui utilizes a secret blend of AI models to enhance the image generation process.
  • Credit System:
    • Generate, re-roll, or variation buttons deduct 1 credit from your balance. Credits roll over to the next month and can be purchased if needed.
  • Pricing Plans:
    • Choose from different pricing plans with various image generation limits and features.


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