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Formtoo’s AI tool, ChatGPT, enhances user queries with tailored responses, regardless of their familiarity with AI. It streamlines work scenarios by generating reports, improving recruitment, and automating tasks. With language translation and grammar checking, communication is enhanced. Boost productivity and efficiency with ChatGPT’s intelligent capabilities.

Product Feature

  • Better responses to user queries, regardless of their experience with conversational AI
  • Tailored responses for specific work scenarios, such as generating reports or job descriptions
  • Language translation and grammar checking capabilities for improved workplace communication
  • Ability to write functions in a specified programming language for task automation, like web scraping or data analysis
  • Time-saving and reduced manual intervention, allowing users to focus on important tasks
  • Enhanced work efficiency through better answers, report generation, streamlined recruitment, and task automation
  • Valuable addition for organizations seeking to improve productivity and efficiency.


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