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Real time text to image AI tool: turn your ideas into images and illustrations. Prompt examples included! This is an AI-powered image generator by Freepik that allows you to create endless images in real-time. Simply input your prompt or idea, select the style, color filters, and perspective, and the generator will create high-quality, photorealistic images.

Product Feature

  • Images in real-time:
    • Get an endless stream of images generated in real-time.
  • Pick style, color filters, and perspective:
    • Select from a variety of preset styles, color filters, and camera angles for your images.
  • High-end textures and realism:
    • Create images with amazing details, skin tones, textures, bokeh effects, and more.
  • Easy-to-use AI text to image:
    • Write your idea in simple terms and click your way through using preset styles and options within Freepik’s interface.
  • Get alternate versions with permutation prompts:
    • Add permutation prompts using pipes (|) to generate multiple versions and combinations of your image.
  • Generate photorealistic pictures:
    • Use the “photo” style to create images with realistic details, skin colors, textures, and bokeh effects.
  • Reimagine and Enhance:
    • Explore alternative versions of an image and upscale images with a single click.


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