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Genera.so is a platform that offers generative applications for home redesign and architectural design. With AI-powered solutions, you can upload a photo of your space and watch as AI transforms it with different styles.

Product Feature

  • AI-Powered Redesign:
    • Upload a photo of your space and let AI transform it with different styles.
  • Curated Home Decor:
    • Get a curated list of home decor items that match your new design.
  • Multiple Styles:
    • Choose from a range of styles like Industrial, Mid Century, and Minimalist.
  • Privacy:
    • All the photos you upload and generate are private.
  • Secure Payment:
    • Payment is handled through Stripe, ensuring secure transactions.
  • Free Trial:
    • Get a few generations for free, but a subscription is required for long-term access.
  • Constantly Adding Styles:
    • New styles are constantly being added to keep up with changing trends.


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