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Smart Copy is an AI-powered copywriting and content generation tool offered by Unbounce. It allows you to effortlessly generate custom, high-quality, and engaging professional copy for your website, blog, or company. With Smart Copy, you can write ad copy, emails, taglines, product descriptions, and more using its extensive library of templates. It offers a web app, desktop app, and Chrome extension for seamless integration with your favorite AI tools.

Product Feature

  • AI-Powered Copy Generation:
    • Smart Copy utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to generate custom, high-quality copy for various purposes, including web pages, ads, emails, and more.
  • Wide Range of Templates:
    • Access over 45 industry-optimized templates to create compelling and effective copy for different marketing needs, such as ad copy, taglines, landing pages, and product descriptions.
  • Writer’s Block Elimination:
    • Overcome writer’s block with Smart Copy’s minimal input requirements, allowing you to quickly generate blog posts, emails, and even poems in minutes.
  • Expert-Level Understanding:
    • Benefit from Smart Copy’s AI optimization, which automatically directs visitors to the most suitable landing pages, enhancing the overall performance of your marketing campaigns.
  • Increased Productivity:
    • Streamline your writing process and save time with Smart Copy’s AI-powered tool, enabling you to focus on creating great content and improving productivity.
  • Chrome Extension and Desktop App:
    • Take Smart Copy with you across your favorite AI tools with the web app, handy desktop app, and Chrome extension, allowing you to generate copy wherever you type.
  • Unlimited Content Generation:
    • Enjoy limitless content creation with Smart Copy’s ability to generate sentences, paragraphs, ad copy, blogs, and even whole stories in seconds.
  • Template Variety:
    • Choose from a diverse range of templates, including Google Ads Generator, Facebook Primary Text Creator, Tagline Generator, and Landing Page Copy Generator, to meet your specific copywriting needs.
  • Integration and Compatibility:
    • Seamlessly integrate Smart Copy with other tools and applications such as Word, Slack, Photoshop, and more, expanding its functionality and convenience.


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