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Synthetik Studio Artist knows how to automatically paint and animate. You can create unique amazing art or animation with one-click. There is nothing like Studio Artist! Synthetik Studio Artist is an AI art and animation software that offers a wide range of features for digital artists and creatives. It provides tools for automatic painting and drawing, assisted drawing, photo mosaics, vector art, image effects, generative art, and more. The software is designed to enhance the creative process and allow artists to create unique and stunning artworks. Studio Artist comes with thousands of factory presets, and users can also create their own custom presets.

Product Feature

  • AI Art Generation:
    • Studio Artist utilizes artificial intelligence algorithms to generate stunning and unique artworks automatically. It can transform photos and videos into paintings, drawings, abstract art, and more.
  • Painting and Drawing Tools:
    • The software provides a wide range of painting and drawing tools, both automatic and manual. Users can create their artworks from scratch or use assisted drawing tools to guide their creative process.
  • Photo Mosaics:
    • Studio Artist enables the creation of intricate and personalized photo mosaics. Users can import a folder of images and automatically generate a mosaic based on their desired style and color palette.
  • Vector Art:
    • With the Vectorizer feature, Studio Artist can convert photos or videos into vector art. It includes a library of curated presets that users can customize to achieve their desired artistic effects.
  • Image Effects Suite:
    • Studio Artist offers an extensive suite of image effects, equivalent to over 50 plugins. Users can apply various effects to their artwork, such as filters, distortions, blurs, and more, to enhance their visual impact.
  • Animation and Rotoscoping:
    • The software allows users to create animated artworks and perform automatic rotoscoping. Artists can paint and draw frame-by-frame, blending presets, video effects, vector effects, and ghosting effects to produce captivating animations.
  • Generative Art:
    • Studio Artist includes an MSG (Modular Synthetik Graphics) system that enables users to create generative art. It provides a one-click generative art feature, as well as the ability to create custom scripts for more advanced generative art projects.


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