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TextGPT is a powerful browser extension powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT. It enhances your text editing experience by providing advanced AI capabilities within web applications and text editors. This AI-powered tool allows you to generate unique and creative text content based on your prompts. Whether you’re looking for assistance with writing, brainstorming, or simply exploring your imagination, this platform provides a user-friendly interface to interact with the latest advancements in natural language processing.

Product Feature

  • Smarter Text Input:
    • Generate intelligent text suggestions using OpenAI’s ChatGPT.
  • Customizable Activation:
    • Choose a unique keyword to activate the TextGPT extension.
  • OpenAI API Integration:
    • Seamlessly integrate your OpenAI API key for full functionality.
  • Automatic Key Generation:
    • Generate an OpenAI API key with a single click for easy setup.
  • User-Friendly Settings:
    • Customize the extension’s behavior and preferences.
  • Save and Sync Options:
    • Save and sync extension settings across devices using Chrome’s storage.


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