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Amazing AI is an innovative app developed by Sindre Sorhus that generates images from text using Stable Diffusion, a deep learning text-to-image model. This app runs locally on your device and is optimized for Apple devices, including Apple silicon on macOS and iPhone 15 Pro or iPad with M1 processor on iOS.

Product Feature

  • Generate Images from Text:
    • Create detailed images by describing them in text form.
  • Local Processing:
    • Run the app directly on your device for privacy and convenience.
  • Optimized for Apple Devices:
    • Designed exclusively for Apple silicon on macOS and requires iPhone 15 Pro or iPad with M1 processor on iOS.
  • Stable Diffusion Model:
    • Utilizes a deep learning, text-to-image model for generating detailed images.
  • Negative Prompts:
    • Exclude specific elements from the generated image by using negative prompts.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts:
    • Conveniently navigate and interact with the app using keyboard shortcuts on macOS.
  • Metadata and Smart Folders:
    • Generated images include useful metadata and tags for organization and creating smart folders on macOS.


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