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Bertha AI is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you create engaging and converting copy for websites, presentations, and more. It offers features like generating product descriptions, creating AI images, writing blog posts, and providing ideas and content suggestions. It supports multiple languages and works with any theme or page builder. With Bertha AI, you can save time and improve the quality of your content creation process.

Product Feature

  • Perfect for creating copy that sells:
    • Generate engaging and converting copy for websites, presentations, and speaker sheets.
    • Works seamlessly with WordPress and the Chrome Extension.
  • WooCommerce & EDD Product Descriptions:
    • Automatically generate product descriptions for WooCommerce and EDD based on the product title.
  • Use Bertha’s awesome Chat:
    • Interact with Bertha through chat for social media posts, ideation, and expanding on subjects.
  • Craft Website & Social Media Copy In Minutes:
    • Generate engaging and converting copy for websites and social media posts.
    • Saves up to 90% of your time in content creation.
  • Create & Search for AI Images & Illustrations:
    • Leverage AI to search for and create mesmerizing images and illustrations for your website.
  • Get Awesome Product Descriptions:
    • Generate converting product descriptions by getting ideas and full text content.
  • Write Your Next long form Blog Post:
    • Write blog posts in minutes with engaging, creative, and converting content.
  • Unlimited Users:
    • Work with as many users as you like, directly on your website.


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