Compose AI




Compose AI is an AI-powered writing tool that revolutionizes the writing process. With features like autocomplete, personalization of your writing style, and universal integration, Compose AI helps you write emails, create documents, and chat faster. Trusted by 10,000+ teams and 400,000 people, Compose AI saves you time and boosts your productivity. The plugin is free to use forever, with a premium version offering advanced features. Your privacy is prioritized, and your data is never sold. Join the Compose AI community and experience the power of automated writing.

Product Feature

  • AI-Powered Writing Tool:
    • Generate any text using AI and autocomplete your sentences.
  • Write Faster:
    • Cuts your writing time by 40% with the help of AI.
  • Autocomplete Everywhere:
    • Use autocomplete across all your writing tools for accelerated writing.
  • Personalization of Your Writing Style:
    • Platform learns your “voice” and suggests personalized phrases.
  • Unobtrusive Universal Integration:
    • Seamlessly integrates with existing platforms and tools.
  • Loved by Everybody:
    • Helps save time for professionals, with a recent study showing that high earners spend 87% of their workweek typing.
  • Free and Premium Versions:
    • Free version available forever, with advanced features offered in the premium version.


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