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Revolutionize PRD writing with Delibr AI’s dynamic templates, decision facilitation and two-way Jira integration. Delibr AI is a document-writing solution that incorporates generative AI to help product managers save time and create crisp requirements. With Delibr, you can benefit from AI-enhanced product templates, an AI Copilot assistant, product trees for organizing ideas, customizable boards and timelines for tracking initiatives and tasks, and seamless bi-directional integration with Jira.

Product Feature

  • Generative AI Assistant:
    • Utilize an AI assistant to help write requirements, saving 50% of your time and ensuring clarity and flow in your documents.
  • Outliner Documents:
    • Organize your requirements effectively with outliner documents, allowing you to capture important decision items and break down requirements.
  • Bi-Directional Jira Integration:
    • Sync your PRDs with Jira tickets, saving time and ensuring that information is always up-to-date and accessible.
  • AI-Enhanced Product Templates:
    • Access a diverse range of templates, including PRDs, user personas, and strategy documents, enhanced with AI to create standout documents.
  • Product Trees:
    • Organize and prioritize feature requests, improvement ideas, and opportunities with product trees, including Opportunity Solution Trees, Jobs-to-be-Done trees, and Product Hierarchies.
  • Track Initiatives and Tasks:
    • Manage initiatives and tasks on customizable boards and timeline roadmaps, allowing you to sequence product iterations and collaborate with your team.
  • Secure Data Encryption:
    • Rest assured that your data is secure with Delibr, as the platform supports SSL encryption for authenticated and encrypted links between networked computers.


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