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Diffus is an innovative platform that offers stable diffusion image generation for professionals and enthusiasts. It provides precise control and precision in crafting stunning images. With features like composition control, lighting and color manipulation, and a library of models, Diffus empowers users to bring their artistic visions to life. Join our vibrant community and start generating professional images with AI.

Product Feature

  • AUTOMATIC1111/Stable Diffusion WebUI:
    • Start using the community-favorite Stable Diffusion WebUI in seconds.
  • ControlNet:
    • Condition input images and prompts to control the final image generation using techniques like pose, edge detection, and depth maps.
  • ROOPOne Click Face Swapper:
    • Swap any face onto your AI images with just one reference image.
  • Community Guides and Tutorials:
    • Learn and enhance your skills with Stable Diffusion through tutorials and guides from the community.
  • Play with Favorite Models:
    • Explore and experiment with your favorite models from CIVITAI.COM or upload your own.


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