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DreamUp.ai is a nonprofit organization that provides a free AI art platform, allowing users to create beautiful artwork and support the arts. With unlimited artistic license, users can experiment with over 10 AI models, customize their creations, and own all the rights to their work.

Product Feature

  • Unlimited Artistic License:
    • Create as many images as you want, for free, without any restrictions or micro-transactions.
  • Experiment with AI Models:
    • Choose from 10+ AI models, each with its own unique style, to explore and create diverse artwork.
  • Favorite and Customize:
    • Save your favorite creations forever and have full control over every aspect of your artwork through a user-friendly interface.
  • Ownership and Display:
    • Retain all rights to your artwork and showcase it in a beautiful interactive gallery for browsing, sharing, and curation.
  • Search and Share:
    • Effortlessly search for art based on subject or theme and display selected works in a curated, publicly accessible gallery.
  • Upscaling and High-Resolution:
    • Enhance the quality of your images with AI-powered upscaling and face repair, making them look incredible even at higher resolutions.
  • Support the Arts:
    • By donating to DreamUp, you contribute to their mission and help support disabled artists, with 30% of the proceeds going to charities.


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