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Prompt Hunt is a platform dedicated to exploring, creating, and sharing AI art. Discover a wide range of prompt templates and tutorials to inspire your creative journey. With a focus on privacy, Prompt Hunt allows you to keep your art private while providing fast and simple tools for creating stunning AI art.

Product Feature

  • Explore Prompt Templates:
    • Discover a collection of prompt templates to kickstart your AI art creation.
  • Tutorials:
    • Learn and enhance your AI art skills with helpful tutorials on Prompt Hunt.
  • Fast & Simple:
    • Create stunning AI art with just a few clicks, designed to be fast and user-friendly.
  • AI Prompt Templates:
    • Save and share your favorite prompts as templates to streamline your art creation process.
  • Enhanced Privacy:
    • Keep your art private with the privacy mode, ensuring your creations remain uniquely yours.
  • Chroma – Powerful AI Model:
    • Experience the advanced AI model, Chroma, for crafting top-quality visuals with speed, control, and detail.
  • Pricing Plans:
    • Choose from different pricing plans to access a range of features and create personalized AI art.


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