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Fermat is an all-in-one AI toolbox designed for creative teams. It offers a collaborative canvas where you can access powerful AI tools to accelerate your creative process. Fermat can be used in various use cases such as fashion design, product design, interior design, brainstorming, and workshops.

Product Feature

  • Visualize your sketches:
    • Turn your hand-drawn or digital sketches into high-fidelity garments.
  • Apply your own style:
    • Redesign your best-selling designs using visual references.
  • Edit designs precisely:
    • Modify specific parts of your design without affecting the rest.
  • Prompt without words:
    • Design coherent collections using visual references.
  • Change colors:
    • Easily change the color of your garments multiple times.
  • Change materials:
    • Experiment with different materials for your garments.
  • Create photo shoots:
    • Try your clothing on different models and settings through virtual photo shoots.
  • Turn images into Vectors:
    • Convert your designs into editable vector formats.
  • High-Resolution look & feel:
    • Visualize and download your designs in high resolution for a professional look and feel.
  • Front & Back view:
    • Visualize the front and back view of your designs.


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