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Simplify your online tasks and boost your productivity with Merlin. Access live data, get help on any website with an AI chatbot, and even use ChatGPT to chat with search results, summarize YouTube videos, and write better content. Translate languages seamlessly and experience it all for free!

Product Feature

  • Merlin Voice Assistant:
    • Merlin is a voice-activated personal assistant that can help you with a variety of tasks, including setting reminders, playing music, and answering questions.
  • Smart Home Control:
    • Merlin can control your smart home devices, such as lights, thermostats, and locks.
  • Music Streaming:
    • Merlin can stream music from your favorite music services, such as Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music.
  • News and Weather:
    • Merlin can provide you with the latest news and weather updates.
  • Shopping:
    • Merlin can help you find and purchase products online.
  • Travel:
    • Merlin can help you plan your trips, including finding flights, hotels, and rental cars.
  • Health and Fitness:
    • Merlin can track your health and fitness data, and provide you with tips for staying healthy.
  • Education:
    • Merlin can help you learn new things, including languages, math, and science.
  • Entertainment:
    • Merlin can provide you with a variety of entertainment options, such as games, movies, and TV shows.
  • Productivity:
    • Merlin can help you stay productive, including managing your tasks, setting reminders, and taking notes.


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