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Generate Midjourney assets for posters, social media, brand, and more that are closer to your imagination. Built for designers, marketers, and agencies. Journey+ | Use Midjourney without Discord is an AI image generator designed for designers, marketers, and agencies. It offers a variety of powerful features such as image blending, dynamic frames, image variance editing, and more. With Journey+, you can generate high-quality images without the need for Discord. Start for free today and explore the possibilities of creating stunning designs.

Product Feature

  • Upload & Blend Images:
    • Blend up to 5 images or create images in an uploaded style.
  • Dynamic Frames & Aspect Ratios:
    • Change your canvas to common digital aspect ratios such as 1:1 or 16:9.
  • Image History:
    • Jump across your generated image history with ease via the history panel.
  • Image Variance & Editing:
    • Change generated images towards your liking.
  • Zoom Out:
    • Zoom out and expand your images.
  • Mobile Support:
    • Currently available on desktop only.
  • Support for v6 Midjourney:
    • Recently added the v6 model for enhanced image generation.


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