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Lex is a word processor that offers a premium writing experience. It helps you create brilliant content, from quick notes to complex documents. With Lex, you can receive AI feedback on your drafts, leave comments, try different versions, and collaborate in real-time. You can also generate title ideas, track changes, and publish your work. It’s a powerful tool loved by users and praised for its minimalist interface and AI capabilities. Never write alone again with Lex.

Product Feature

  • Premium Writing Experience:
    • Lex provides a premium writing experience, allowing users to create brilliant content with ease. From quick notes to complex documents, it focuses on the details to enhance the writing process.
  • AI Feedback:
    • Users can ask the AI for feedback on their drafts, brainstorm ideas, or even rewrite content. Lex’s AI capabilities serve as a real-time editor, helping users iterate more quickly and efficiently.
  • Comments:
    • Lex offers a polished comments feature, allowing users to leave comments on their documents. It provides easy navigation with keyboard shortcuts, making collaboration and feedback seamless.
  • Versions:
    • Users can explore different ways of expressing their ideas without losing their existing content. Lex’s Versions feature allows users to experiment with different approaches and compare them side by side.
  • Mobile Web:
    • Lex provides a mobile web feature, enabling users to share a link with anyone and collaborate without requiring them to download an app. It ensures easy accessibility and collaboration on the go.
  • Live Collaboration:
    • With Lex, users can share a link and instantly collaborate with others. By logging in with one click, everyone involved can see what each other is typing, facilitating real-time collaboration.
  • Publishing:
    • Lex allows users to send a “read-only” link to others, making it easy to share and showcase their written work. It enables users to share their content with others for reading purposes.
  • Commands:
    • Lex includes handy AI shortcuts in the form of commands. Users can utilize these shortcuts to find the best word, generate a list of ideas, and more, enhancing their writing process.
  • Title Ideas:
    • With a single click, Lex offers users a list of good title ideas generated by the AI. This feature helps users come up with catchy and engaging titles for their content


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