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Transform your fashion ideas into reality with Lookr.fyi. Our AI sourcing agent streamlines the entire process from concept to shelf, providing you with inspirational designs, AI-generated tech packs, and connections to a global network of manufacturers. Join our waitlist now and be the first to experience the future of apparel production.

Product Feature

  • Drop Ideas:
    • Submit text or image prompts to our AI for your fashion ideas.
  • AI Generated Tech Pack:
    • Receive an all-in-one document that communicates design elements for garment brands and manufacturers.
  • Match Manufacturers:
    • Get assistance in sourcing suppliers and manufacturers based on your tech pack details.
  • Order Sample / Bulk Production:
    • Start with ordering samples to verify and make any necessary updates before proceeding with bulk production.
  • Inspirational Mockup:
    • If you lack a mockup, we generate inspirational sketches or mockups for your clothing line.
  • Cheaper Tech Pack:
    • Transition from expensive tech packs to unlimited tech pack generation at a more affordable cost.
  • Minimal Iteration:
    • Our detailed tech packs minimize misunderstandings during sample creation, reducing time to 1-2 weeks per sample plus shipping.
  • Global Network:
    • Connect with our extensive network of over 2000 factories worldwide to find the right manufacturing partners.
  • Budget Estimation:
    • Get cost estimates before launching new products to plan your budget effectively.
  • Inventory Management:
    • Our tech packs provide precise material estimates for custom fabric use, helping with inventory management.


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