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“Robin – Your AI Sidekick” is an AI writing assistant that enhances your online writing experience. It seamlessly integrates with websites, providing suggestions, alternatives, and enriched vocabulary. Boost productivity, enhance writing quality, and learn better phrasing and structure. Download now and unleash the magic of AI in your writing workflow.

Product Feature

  • Autofill Magic:
    • Instantly receive suggestions for completing sentences or paragraphs, reducing typing effort.
  • Swift Replacements:
    • Revamp content with smarter alternatives and enriched vocabulary.
  • Universal Integration:
    • Works seamlessly with a wide range of websites, including email, product reviews, and blogs.
  • Privacy First:
    • Your data remains yours – it is never stored or shared.
  • Driven by Bard AI LLM:
    • Utilizes Google’s cutting-edge Language Learning Model to elevate your writing.
  • Icon Activated:
    • User-friendly icon appears on textboxes, allowing you to access AI assistance with a simple click.


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