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One-click easy instances to run Stable Diffusion on the web using the latest GPUs for fastest performance with 0 setup. Use any add-ons and create generative AI content today. Stablematic is a powerful platform that allows users to run Stable Diffusion and various machine learning models seamlessly within their web browser. With Stablematic, users can easily create stunning visuals, generate videos and animations using text prompts, and train image models.

Product Feature

  • Fast, easy setup:
    • Stablematic is up and running with just one click, providing a Stable Diffusion playground with pre-installed plug-ins.
  • Transparent runtime pricing:
    • Pay only for the time the Stable Diffusion playground is running, without any hidden fees.
  • Dedicated GPU Playground Instance:
    • Enjoy the latest GPU power exclusively for your Stable Diffusion playground, with no queues or cold start problems.
  • Simple pricing:
    • For public alpha users, the subscription fee is $8 per month, including $10 worth of credits, with additional usage priced at $0.000277/second.
  • Access to Multiple Stable Diffusion Models:
    • Stablematic supports a range of pre-loaded models, such as Dreambooth and CivitAi, and users can request specific models for integration within 1-2 days.
  • Integration with Art and Design Tools:
    • Stablematic allows users to use Stable Diffusion extensions in popular design tools like Photoshop, enabling seamless integration for art and design projects.
  • Privacy and Support:
    • Stablematic ensures privacy and provides dedicated support for users, including 1-on-1 technical assistance.


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