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Playbook.com is a revolutionary platform that helps artists, designers, and creative professionals organize, share, and collaborate on their creative files and projects. With its AI-powered file manager and visually appealing interface, Playbook.com offers features like centralized storage, collaboration tools, and beautiful galleries to showcase your work. Sign up now for free storage and take your creative workflow to new heights

Product Feature

  • AI-Powered File Manager:
    • Organize your creative files in a way that makes sense, with AI-assisted organization and easy navigation.
  • Beautiful Gallery Showcase:
    • Publish stunning galleries to share your work with clients and teams, making it easy to gather feedback and comments.
  • Collaboration Tools:
    • Collaborate with anyone by sharing files, gathering feedback, and planning effectively within the platform.
  • Centralized Storage:
    • Centralize all your essential creative files, making it easier to find and access them 10 times faster.
  • Professional Sharing:
    • Share your work professionally with clients and teams, creating a ready-made portfolio-like format for easy viewing.
  • Smarter Storage:
    • Escape the clutter of nested folders and subfolders, and let the AI-organizing system keep your work neat and tidy.
  • Large File Sharing:
    • Effortlessly share large files with your team or clients, without limitations or slow loading times.


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